White Chocolate Lavender Lava Cake & Rosebery

Oozy white chocolate lava cake with lavender flavour is another dish to die for!  The combination of white chocolate and lavender works perfectly together and the raspberry gives it an extra kick.  In this recipe I only use one egg, which makes the lava cake very delicate.  For this reason, a non-stick springform pan is...

Apple & Mango Chocolate Pie

The most delicious and flaky apple & mango chocolate pie dessert. The chocolate crust is so delicate and light, it made of real butter.

Scallops with Vanilla & Cooking Cream

This recipe adapted from a French appetizer that I had in Southern France.

Elbasan Tava (Tavë Kosi)

Elbasan Tava is originated in Albania, it’s also in Kosovo.  The first time I had it in Pristina, Kosovo,  I knew I have to get the right recipe.  There are many recipes in the internet but to get the right consistency, it was a challenge at first.  Here is my version, I got you covered...