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Lamb Haneeth with Honey and Tahini

I have introduced to this recipe after 8 years overseas. Recently, I went to Jizan to visit my sister who lives there, Jizan is a great destination all year around. It’s located in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia, Jazan City is situated on the coast of the Red Sea. What I like about this city is that you can enjoy the beach or drive to the spectacular mountains located at the east region. Food there is a different story, they do plant tropical fruits such as, mango, papaya, figs, as well as bananas that grow in Fifa mountain are small in size with green banana skin. I had the opportunity to try chopped lamb with honey and tahini, I was skeptical at first but it was really delicious. Give it a try!

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Cook Time: 2 Hr 10 Mins


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  • If you don't have an earthen oven you can use tradition oven or a slow cook.  Use 4 medium logs of wood in the earthen oven and build a fire.
  • Season the chopped lamb with salt and black pepper, then wrap in a double foil. 
  • Place the lamb in the earthen oven, make sure to leave foil facing upward open to let the steam escape. But it's not the case in the traditional oven, close up the foil completely.
  • Cook for up to 2 hours.
  • Remove the lamb let cool down for a few minutes then serve with honey, tahini and pitta bread.

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