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Clarified Butter

Using millet to clarify butter is a great way, this way you get most of the benefit the millet can offer. Millet have source of protein, dietary fiber, several B vitamins and numerous dietary minerals, especially manganese. If you can’t get hold of millet replace it with any source of whole grain. Or you can avoid grain if you like.

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  • On medium-heat, roast the grain for about 5-10 minutes. Keep stirring from time to time to avoid burning.
  • Cut the butter into medium size cubes, and add them to the grain. On medium low-heat cook the butter, it takes 15-20 minutes.
  • When the milk foams appears on the surface, skim it to accelerate the process.
  • When it's done strain the butter.
  • Let it set for 2 minutes, so if there is any milk foam will settle at the bottom. Then transfer the clarified butter into a jar.

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