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Low Carbs

‘Lettuce’ go carb-free-Burger

Ingredients: Ground beef slices of yellow onion (the quantity is as desired) half avocado cuts into slices half tomato cuts into slices two pieces of iceberg lettuce (washed well) arugula (aslo type of lettuce) A slice of gouda cheese (you can use any kind of cheese) some pickles and pecans ketchup (optional) Direction: If the …

Low Carbs

Pumpkin-Basil Noodles

So I decided to stack up on pumpkin products and yet I couldn’t find any here. Maybe I was just arrived and I didn’t do much research on a store where I can find pumpkin products at. Luckily, I found them at the American Embassy store and the U.S. base store located in Brussels. Then …

إشترك قبل نفاذ الكميه

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